Clinical & Commercial Aceptic Fill & Finish

MCP has the capabilities and capacity to manufacture small-scale clinical or large-scale commercial products. We have multiple high-speed filling lines that are able to produce large volumes annually and we have suites available for small-scale development runs. Additionally, we are validated for a wide range of components and vial sizes and have the flexibility to accommodate a range of product types and volumes. MCP has the capability to manufacture drugs, biologics, vaccines, and ophthalmics/otics. We also have experience with many solutions and suspensions as well as emulsions.

MCP has a wide range of sterile processing capabilities including aseptic filling, lyophilization and terminal sterilization. All of our filling lines are integrated high-speed lines with the capability of filling vials ranging in size from 2cc to 70cc at speeds of up to 300 vials per minute. Our seven lyophilizers are all commercial scale and range in size from 132 to 450 sq. ft. of shelf space. The facility has two independent filling suites.

One suite houses four filling lines and three lyophilizers and the other houses one filling line and four lyophilizers. These areas operate separately with dedicated ingress and egress, and gowning including separate HVAC systems. Both suites share common WFI and power and are connected to the cogeneration system located on the grounds that assures a constant power supply. MCP has one line for poly-bottle filling of ophthalmic and otic products. This filling line accommodates bottle sizes from 3cc to 15cc and can apply tamper-evident banding.