MCP and Putney Inc. Announce Multi-Year Contract Manufacturing Agreement

MCP Pharmaceuticals and Putney Inc. Announce Multi-Year Contract Manufacturing Agreement

PARSIPPANY, NJ January 27, 2011 — MCP Pharmaceuticals, a leading provider of contract manufacturing services for sterile injectable products announced today that it has entered into a multi year contract with Putney, Inc., a well established and growing provider of veterinary pharmaceutical products. MCP will be responsible for manufacturing and supply of a lyophilized veterinary product.

Jean Hoffman, CEO and founder of Putney said, “We are pleased to partner with MCP Pharmaceuticals in the manufacture and supply of this significant product in veterinary healthcare.”

Commenting on MCP’s selection for this multi year manufacturing contract, Stuart Hinchen president and co-founder of MCP stated, “We are very pleased that MCP was chosen by Putney. Our experienced staff, customer centric approach and cGMP compliance record will allow us to effectively serve this important customer.”

Hinchen also noted, “As part of our ongoing investment in our Rochester facility, we are completing the installation and qualification of a new 240 sq. ft. lyophilizer. The new lyophilizer and recent agreements demonstrate our steady growth in both number of contract customers and facility capabilities. The Rochester, Michigan manufacturing site has a solid history of successful partnerships, manufacturing both clinical and commercial products.”

Management at both companies sees this agreement as a positive cooperation focused on quality driven pharmaceutical products improving patient health.

About MCP Pharmaceuticals, LLC

MCP Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in New Jersey, provides contract manufacturing of sterile injectables, biologics, vaccines, ophthalmics and otics for large and small pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.

MCP’s sterile manufacturing facility, located in Rochester Michigan sits on over 80 acres of land and includes a 171,000 sq. ft. production building and warehouse. The production facility utilizes three high-speed filling lines, four lyophilizers and a clinical fill line. The site also includes separate facilities for chemistry, sterility testing, and analytical methods development.

MCP has the capability to manufacture small scale clinical through large scale commercial products. MCP employs more than 330 staff in the USA in its manufacturing, product development, sales & marketing and corporate areas. For more information, please visit

About Putney Inc.

Putney is a pharmaceutical company committed to providing high quality, cost‐effective generic medicines for pets. Putney’s reliable supply of affordable drug options empowers veterinarians, allowing them to provide the best possible medicine at the best possible price, and supports pet owners, helping them afford to comply with veterinary recommendations.

Putney’s ongoing investment in research and development is focused on creating the next generation of generic veterinary products based on inputs from companion animal veterinarians and its industry partners. Learn more at

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