Mechanical Engineer – Maintenance (R-MERM)

Mechanical Engineer – Maintenance (R-MERM)

Location: Rochester, Michigan

Position Summary:

Provide direct engineering services and support with primary focus on Site Utilities & HVACR all plant construction and/or maintenance work associated with designing, improving, commissioning expanding and maintaining MCP facilities particularly in HVACR related areas.

  • Reports directly to Technical Services Manager
  • Partner w/ other sites organizations such as operations, quality, validation, & pharmaceutical technologies.
  • Affiliated with external engineering & maintenance professional groups.


  • Develops and maintains the Utilities, Facilities and Critical equipment master plans and design standards.
  • Ensures appropriate endorsement and dissemination of the strategy.
  • Works Site Leadership Team to develop goals and detailed objectives that will deliver the best
  • Manages Strategy goals and objectives where assigned.
  • Develops close links with Site Managers to ensure development of business processes aligned with the Operations.

Operational Readiness

  • Assist in day to day operational activities in problem solving related to production and facility equipment with focus on HVACR (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) and Utilities.
  • Provide major technical (refrigeration, electrical, control and mechanical) project leadership internally and in the utilization of contractors.
  • Prepare contract documents for purchase and/or construction purposes. Obtain quotations based on contract documents. Prepare purchase and appropriation requests as needed for project. Assures accuracy & prompt payment of invoicing. Performs within budgeted guidelines.
  • Provide direction to Supervisors, skilled trades, & Field Engineers to ensure the work is done in a safe and efficient manner, within the requirements of good manufacturing and engineering practices.
  • Work with and supports activities of the Safety Committee.
  • Coordinate design activities with various company departments so that they are provided adequate input into the final product. Ensure satisfaction of affected departments and management upon completion of projects.
  • Assures compliance with refrigeration management procedures and EPA requirements as well as other local area or national regulatory agency requirements governing the business.
  • Utilizes and adheres to financial policies and assists with development and adherence to expense and capital budgets
  • Assists with the development, review and training relative to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Project support that meets scope, timelines and budget.
  • Conducts safety inspections and trains assigned personnel relative to safety and GxP expectations, assuring compliance in all areas of responsibilities.
  • Trains, utilizes RBM technology to support maintenance activities, utilizing CMMS for data review and work order planning. Measured by confirmation of technology usage via assigned work orders.
  • Measured through internal and external auditing results.
  • Financial responsibilities and requirements are up to date and current based on financial dept.

Development & Training

  • Keeps abreast of current industry best practices and strategies in Facilities and Maintenance Management.
  • Seeks out appropriate development methods to maintain and update the skills of site personnel in maintenance systems and current industry operational advancements & processes.
  • Maintenance Systems &Techniques;:
  • Works with Reliability Maintenance Engineers (RME) to develop maintenance planning and diagnostic processes that can be used to deliver the most effective reliability based asset care routines and programs for the facilities and operations equipments.
  • Works with the Systems Administrators and subject matter experts to propose improvements and enhancements to the CMMS and associated systems.
  • Works with site personnel to develop and implement appropriate processes to ensure the most effective use of CMMS and associated systems.
  • Develop and improve preventive maintenance procedures. Support the accuracy and utilization of the CMMS (computerized maintenance management system). Aid in development and support of RBM (reliability based maintenance) activities.

Performance Measures & Reports

  • Develops Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate process compliance and operational performance.

Service Provision

  • Works with internal and external service providers to understand and develop appropriate interface processes and to ensure key engineering operations processes are understood and applied as appropriate.

Compliance Documentation

  • Develops and maintains appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Knowledgeable of all EPA compliance requirements of refrigeration management.
  • Licensed in EPA Certified Universal Refrigeration (Preferred)
  • LEED Certification (Preferred)
  • Experience as a trainer in the HVACR or similar technical area is a plus.
  • Project Management experience is desirable and helpful.
  • An ME or EE degree with focus on HVACR disciplines is desirable.

Minimum Requirements:

Education / Qualifications / Certifications: A postgraduate business/management degree desired as well as project management experience. A minimum of 10 years experience involving hands on and/or direct responsibility for the maintenance and system performance of HVACR systems particularly with boilers, steam systems, air handlers, chillers, lyophilizers, coolers, freezers, incubators, hydronics including cooling towers and other associated refrigeration and heating system support equipment.

If you possess the required background and are interested in being a member of this growing company, submit your resume and cover letter by mail or apply online:

By Mail MCP Pharmaceuticals LLC HR Department 870 Parkdale Road Rochester, Michigan 48307

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About MCP Pharmaceuticals, LLC:

MCP Pharmaceuticals is an integrated specialty healthcare company that specializes in sterile injectable products. MCP manufactures and sells brand aseptic injectable pharmaceuticals in hospital and clinical settings and provides contract manufacturing services for global pharmaceutical companies. MCP’s own product portfolio includes leading diagnostic, women’s health and anesthesia products. All products have a long track record of “gold standard” service and are at or near the front line of treatment in their therapeutic indications. Contract manufactured products include some of the leading global biologic products which involve liquid, lyophilized and suspension presentations.

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