Emergency Orders for Dantrium® IV (Intravenous)
(dantrolene sodium for injection)

Dantrium® IV Emergency Orders
JHP Pharmaceuticals offers emergency order services for Dantrium® IV

JHP understands the importance of Dantrium® IV during an MH Crisis, as such JHP has established an after hour’s emergency order service to assist you at anytime. We recommend you visit jhppharma.com website to help you determine the number of vials needed based on patient weight (kg or lbs). In addition, you will find a video comparison between the new and the old Dantrium® IV that will quickly help you learn the changes made to the product in 2009.

To place emergency orders after hours or to place orders requiring expedited delivery, please contact JHP Pharmaceuticals:

Customer Service
Dantrium IV Line: 877.547.4547 (option 1)


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