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Adrenalin® EPINEPHrine injection, USP also available as EPINEPHrine nasalsolution, USP for topical use Product Summary
Aplisol® tuberculin purified protein derivative, diluted [stabilized solution] Product Summary
Brevital® Sodium methohexital sodium for injection, USP Product Summary
Coly-Mycin® M colistimethate for injection, USP Product Summary
Coly-Mycin® S Otic colistin sulfate—neomycin sulfate—thonzonium bromide—hydrocortisone acetate otic suspension Product Summary
Cortisporin® -TC Otic colistin sulfate—neomycin sulfate—thonzonium bromide—hydrocortisone acetate otic suspension Product Summary
Dantrium® Capsules dantrolene sodium, capsules Product Summary
Dantrium® IV dantrolene sodium for injection Product Summary
Delestrogen® estradiol valerate injection, USP Product Summary
Ketalar® ketamine hydrochloride injection, USP Product Summary
Pitocin® oxytocin injection, USP, synthetic Product Summary
Pitressin® vasopressin injection, USP, synthetic Product Summary
Tigan® trimethobenzamide hydrochloride injectable Product Summary
Triostat® liothyronine sodium injection (T3) Product Summary

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